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PP Drainage Water Pipe Extrusion Line

PP Super Silent Water Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

Features: PP super silent water drainage pipe extrusion line is using the 3-layer co-extrusion technology, this line has two or three extruders. The inner and outer layers of the pipe are extruded by one or two extruders, the material is modified PP, and the middle layer is extruded by another extruder and the material is a special soundproof viscoelastic material, the main ingredient of this soundproof viscoelastic material is the compound of nonorganic mineral filler, PP and thermoplastic elastomer. The controlling system of this line is Siemens PLC and this line is equipped with a HMI, the line is elegance in appearance and the line has high automation and stable performance.

Advantages: PP super silent water drainage pipe has the good effects on sound absorption, sound proof and sound insulation. In the same circumstance, the drainage noise of this PP super silent water drainage pipe is much lower than the cast iron pipe and UPVC pipe’s. And PP super silent water drainage pipe has the advantages of hot water resistance, anti corrosion, high strength and good flexibility.